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Fee Schedule

The following is a list of ADA procedure codes with the associated fee ranges.  I find that it is best for the patient to have both the exact fee for the procedure, as well as the financial arrangements made prior to scheduling any appointments with our office.  There are several ways to accomplish these goals.  We may need to discuss these issues together to find what works best for your practice.


Code Description Fee Range
7140 Single Extraction   165-230.00
7210 Surgical Extraction 230-300.00
7220 Soft Tissue Impaction 275-320.00
7230 Partial Bony Impaction 320-385.00
7240 Complete Bony Impaction 350-430.00
7241 Complicated Bony Impaction 430-495.00
7250 Surgical Root Removal 355-440.00
6010 Dental Implant
(send me an X-ray prior to scheduling)
7320 Alveoloplasty per Quad, w/out Extraction 460.00
use with 7283
Expose impacted tooth/bond bracket
(send X-ray prior to scheduling)
use with 7280
Placement of device to facilitate eruption of impacted tooth 215.00
7953 Alveoloplasty, with Extraction 460.00
7953 Bone replacement graft for ridge preservation 495.00
4266 Resorbable Membrane 330.00
7286 Biopsy of oral soft tissue 700.00
7450 Removal of odontogenic cyst 725.00
7471 Removal of tori or exostosis 630.00
7961 Buccal Frenectomy 695.00
7962 Lingual Frenectomy 550.00
9230 Nitrous Oxide 70.00
9310 Consultation 165.00
1/2 hour
9610 Therapeutic Drug Injection (Decadron) 60.00
9610 Oral Sedation 215-275.00
See Box Below IV (Conscious) Sedation -- one hour* 575.00

Typical Coding for One (1) Hour of IV Sedation

*Please assume each IV case to be one hour,
unless I advise you differently

9239 IV Sedation, first 15 minutes 200.00
9243 IV Sedation, each addl. 15 minutes 125.00
9243 IV Sedation, each addl. 15 minutes 125.00
9243 IV Sedation, each addl. 15 minutes 125.00

One (1) Hour IV Sedation = $575.00


Routine Wisdom Teeth Cases

Total Fee Range Procedure
$1475-2475.00 Four 3rds Extraction with IV Sedation
$1265-1990.00 Four 3rds Extraction with Oral Pre-medication
$990-1715.00 Four 3rds Extraction with Local Anesthesia

In determining the total fee to present to the patient for routine wisdom teeth cases, choose a fee that fits into the above ranges.  In choosing a fee within the fee range, take into consideration the following two factors:  1) the apparent difficulty of the extraction; and, 2) the patient's age.  As the difficulty increases, and as the patient's age increases over 25, choose a higher fee.